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Mozzarella di bufala campana (or buffalo mozzarella) is a protected designation of origin (DOP) product made in Campania using milk from river buffalo milk.

Casa Azzurra’s exceptionally high-quality mozzarella di bufala balls have a slightly firm, fine outer layer and a creamy centre. The buffalo milk gives this cheese owes its rich, classic flavours.
Mozzarella needs no time to ripen and can be eaten as soon as it is made. It is stored in brine so it can be kept in optimal conditions.

Directions for use:

Italians traditionally eat their mozzarella cold and cut into slices with a drizzle of olive oil and some ground pepper. It is a perfect complement to tomatoes. It should be eaten at room temperature.

It can also be enjoyed hot and melted, cut into thin slices and added towards the end of the cooking process to pizza, vegetable gratins, lasagnes, cannelloni and more.
One easy way to identify real Italian mozzarella:
Cut your mozzarella ball in two then press lightly on the sliced side with the sharp end of a knife. If you spot a few drops of milk bubbling out, you know for sure that it is real mozzarella.


Pasteurised whole buffalo milk, natural whey, salt, microbial rennet.