Ricotta cheesecake

Type of dish recipe:  Dolce

Servs: 6 people

Preparation time: 30 mins

Cooking time:

Wait time: 1 hour

Casa Azzurra ricotta is an ideal cheese for your savoury and sweet dishes, hot or cold. Italy’s answer to crème fraiche is a multi-functional product. Its slightly granular texture is a sign of quality. It has a fat content of just 12 percent, making it a healthier option.

You can opt for a version served in individual glasses.


• 200g biscotti (almond biscuits)

• 100g butter

• 500g Casa Azzurra ricotta

• 10cl pouring cream

• 160g caster sugar

• 250g raspberries

• 3 sheets of gelatine (2g)

• 3cl water


1. First melt the butter. Crush the biscotti and mix in with the melted butter. Place the mixture into a spring form cake tin. Refrigerate.

2. Then mix half the raspberries with the water in a blender to make a coulis.

3. Then soak your gelatine sheets in cold water to soften them. Boil the cream and add the gelatine. Mix very thoroughly. Fold the ricotta into the gelatine, cream, sugar and raspberry coulis mixture.

4. Remove the base out of the fridge. Top with the ricotta mix.

5. Refrigerate for 1 hour.

6. Presentation is simple: release the dessert from the tine and decorate with the remaining raspberries.


Cheese used:
Casa Azzurra Ricotta