Sicilian cannoli

Type of dish recipe:  Dolce

Servs: 20 cannoli

Preparation time: 40 mins

Cooking time:

Wait time: 4 hours

The origins of Sicilian cannoli:
Cannoli are the pièce de résistance in Italian patisserie, and their origins are legendary. The story goes that they were created in Caltanissetta, or “Kalt El Nissa” as it was known in antiquity. It was a centre for Saracen harems where women prepared delicious cakes – including cannoli. Others say that it was actually nuns in a convent not far from Caltanissetta who created this dessert for carnival time.


To make 20 cannoli:

• 250g flour

• 30g lard

• 25g sugar

• 10g bitter cocoa

• 1 tablespoon of wine vinegar

• Approx. 130g water

• Oil for frying

To fill 20 cannoli:

600g Casa Azzurra ricotta

230g caster sugar

70g candied orange

2 sachets of vanilla sugar (approx. 7.5g each)

To decorate:

Segments of candied fruit

Caster sugar


For the dough:

1. Mix all the ingredients together. Leave the dough to rest for 4 hours, covered to prevent it from drying out. Then roll out very thinly using a rolling pin and cut out 12cm diameter circles.

2. Roll each circle around a 12cm cannoli baking mould. Use some water to firmly seal the edges.

3. Fry the cannoli in boiling oil then drain on kitchen paper.

4. Wait a few minutes, then use tongs to remove the dough from the mould.

To fill 20 cannoli:

5. Beat the ricotta with the caster sugar and vanilla sugar.

6. Add the chopped candied fruit, then place the filling in the fridge until you are ready to serve the dessert.

7. Put the ricotta mixture in a piping bag and fill the cannoli, then place them on a presentation dish.

To decorate:

8. Decorate the cannoli with the candied fruit. Dust with icing sugar and serve immediately.


Cheese used:
Casa Azzurra Ricotta